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You may not exactly think about those customers running on the treadmills as potential victims of a heart attack, yet it can happen. Even though cardiovascular activity does have its proven benefits, there are some rare cases where such activity can lead to cardiac arrest.

That was exactly the case at a fitness gym a few years ago. A gym member was running on one of the facility's treadmills when he suffered a heart attack. The staff members and paramedics were unsuccessful in their attempts to resuscitate him. The man's family then proceeded to take legal action against the gym. They made claims that the staff did not provide CPR and the gym's defibrillator was ineffective due to dead batteries. While some of the charges were thrown out by the court, the fitness gym was still required to pay a settlement to the family.

The focus of health clubs, fitness centers and gyms is to help people stay healthy and strong. If you own and operate a health and fitness facility, you are well aware that sometimes things are bound to go wrong when people are practicing intense physical activity. It is only a matter of time before someone pulls a hamstring while under the instruction of one of your hired trainers or is injured using your gym's equipment. You could be held liable even if a child is injured while in your daycare facility.

Any one of these incidents will leave you wide open to lawsuits and claims of liability. However, with a health & fitness business insurance policy from Philbin Insurance Group, you and your center will be well protected.

Unique Risks That Fitness and Health Centers Face

Of course there are certain types of risks that every business owner will have to face. However, when you run a health and fitness center, there are also a number of unique risks of which you must be aware and against which you must have protection.

Even with the waivers that you have your patrons sign, your fitness center is at risk if an injury takes place on your premises. Even though you keep your equipment in proper working order as it should be, you will be held accountable if a member is injured by faulty equipment.

The agents at Philbin Insurance Group have extensive experience in the fitness industry and have an understanding of all of the risks that you face on a daily basis. You can rest assured that you will be fitted with a fitness insurance policy that will address all of your concerns and meet all of your coverage needs.

What Is Covered By Gym Insurance

Health & fitness business insurance is a unique mix of coverage that is relevant to the industry. The specific types of coverage and the levels that you require for your particular facility depend on a number of different factors, such as the services that you offer, the number of workers you employ and the size of your facility.

Typically, a fitness insurance policy will be made up of several types of coverage, such as:

  • Liability Insurance – The liability insurance for your gym will need to include a number of liability categories to address the risks that you face, which should include:
    • General Liability – Coverage for property damage and bodily injury for which you fitness center is responsible.
    • Professional Liability – Coverage for risks associated with errors and omissions of your staff; for instance, if a client becomes injured after following a workout regime that was recommended by a member of your staff.
    • Product Liability – Coverage for risks associated with products that you sell or manufacture, such as nutritional products and exercise equipment.
    • Employee Practices Liability – Coverage against the risks that your facility is accused of sexual harassment, poor practices, discrimination or employee discipline.

  • Property Insurance – This will provide coverage for damage to your facility that is due to a covered event, such vandalism, severe weather or fire.
  • Equipment Insurance – This may be purchased as a separate policy, which will provide coverage against the breakdown of equipment at your facility.
  • Workers Compensation – This will provide coverage for illness or injuries that workers sustain while one the job, as well as a portion of lost wages.

It is important to note that you may require some additional types of coverage included in your gym insurance policy. The coverage that you need will depend on the nature of the services that you provide at your health and fitness center. A knowledgeable agent from Philbin Insurance Group will be happy to work with you in order to help identify all if the risks that you face. Together, you will come up with a fitness insurance plan that is tailored to meet your exact needs and budget.

Do not hesitate for another minute. Every second you go without proper coverage, the risk to you and your gym increases. Act now by clicking on the quote request button to connect with an agent that will help you get the coverage you need right away.
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